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Cardio-Metabolic Health and Diseases

Purpose: The course introduces the participants to different aspects and strategies of cardio-metabolic disease (CMD) prevention and treatment, such as ischaemic heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and their risk factors, such as foetal programming, thin-fat phenotype, overweight and obesity, and hypertension.

Content: Participants are introduced to prevention and treatment policies at different Danish CSOs and will visit general practitioners to gain an understanding of prevention, early detection and treatment of CMDs in primary health care, as well as hospital wards specialising in cardiology/diabetes and research centres focusing on different risk factors for different CMDs. A special feature of this course is an introduction to the Scandinavian specialisation in physical activity as a “cardio-metabolic poly-pill”, including the concept of “exercise on prescription” (this is done from both an epidemiological and clinical perspective). Developing an Action Plan, in which concepts and knowledge are adapted to local/regional or country-specific contexts, is a key outcome of the course.

Target group: This course is meant for clinicians, nurses, and similar health professionals at hospitals and clinics.