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Conflict Transformation

Purpose: The course aims to increase participants’ capacity to establish effective local interventions for conflict transformation in order to build peaceful societies, and to enhance participants’ communication and facilitation skills in a conflict context.

Content: COVID-19 has had an impact on conflicts at many different levels of society, and in this new context virtual means of communication may be the only option for a while. This presents new challenges but also new opportunities to address conflicts in different ways. By using mixed learning methodologies, the programme will enable participants to understand and analyze conflicts and conflict causes, build collaboration, alliances, and confidence between key stakeholders in conflict, as well as develop hands-on skills for conflict transformation. Developing an Action Plan based on participants’ own context, is a central product of the programme.

Target group: The course targets managers and staff working with development, governance, human rights, peacebuilding, and conflict transformation. Civil servants and NGO staff at national, regional, or local level, needing to enhance their knowledge and capacity in conflict transformation, will benefit from the course. Two or more participants from each organisation are welcome, as it facilitates and strengthens the Action Plan work.