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Empowerment of Women in Management (at MS Training Centre for Development in Tanzania)

The aim of the “Empowerment of Women in Management” programme is to improve the participants’ understanding of the barriers to gender equality in the workforce and the impact of gender on leadership and management. Additionally, the programme aims at building confidence in the participants’ abilities with regards to their roles as managers and leaders and to support their personal career development.

The programmes’s content will be based on modern management theories and practices and with a strong focus on the personal qualifications and abilities of the participants. The participants will explore challenges facing women in competitive working environments, such as negative attitudes and behaviors, and will learn how to overcome these barriers and advocate for themselves and other women. The learning programme will be followed by a professional mentorship opportunity with two senior mentors for five participants. These mentorships will be arranged for six months shortly after the end of the learning programme and will include online sessions and visits to the mentees and their organisations

Target group:
This course is designed for mid-senior level managers with experience and responsibilities in different thematic areas of Danida supported organisations, potentially within government, insitutions, civil society and corporates.
The course can accommodate a maximum of 25 participants.
The participants are expected to work in a relevant leadership or management position where learning from this course can be directly applied.