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Energy Planning

Place of study: Technical University of Denmark

Purpose: The course aims to teach participants how to develop and analyse future scenarios within an energy system analysis context. Participants learn to assess the feasibility of energy projects from both a societal and a business perspective taking into account economic, environmental, regulatory, and financing issues.

Content: Through lectures and exposure visits, participants will gain both theoretical and practical knowledge relevant to energy planning. The overall focus is on energy planning and scenario development, but to apply the theory, the participants will perform analyses with the simple energy system model, LEAP, which can be applied at regional or country level. Participants will also be introduced to electricity markets and business statistics. Formulating an Action Plan of a prominent energy challenge in their home organization, is a key outcome for each participant.

Target group: The course targets staff and officials working with energy planning in government, industries, consultancies, NGOs, and university faculty. Participants are expected to hold at least a bachelor’s degree, preferably in energy engineering or energy economics.