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Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Value Chains

Purpose: The objective of this learning programme is to provide the participants with hands-on knowledge and practical tools relevant for entrepreneurship, innovation, and value chains in SMEs. Focus is on growth drivers and challenges, and participants learn how to use this knowledge in their capacity as business developer, advisor, or consultant.

Content: The course is held in two parts: the first part provides participants with a theoretical and practical foundation for entrepreneurship, innovation, and value chains, and they will also be introduced to the Business Model Canvas – a strategic management tool for developing new or strengthening existing business models. The second part focus on developing a personal Action Plan and enhancing the probability of its successful implementation.

Target group: This course targets professionals involved in promotion and development of entrepreneurship, including government staff, members of support service organisations, SME development centres, business incubators, and entrepreneurship partners. It may also be relevant for educational institutions involved in entrepreneurship and value chains.