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Environmental Governance

Place of study: Technical University of Denmark

Purpose: The course aims at giving the participants an understanding of the basic principles and tools of environmental governance with emphasis on regulation, transparency, accountability, stakeholder involvement, scientific uncertainty and innovation.

Content: Through an interdisciplinary approach, intended to broaden the participants’ visions of society’s many complex environmental challenges, participants will learn about existing environmental governance frameworks, regulatory tools, and stakeholder engagement and analysis. Moreover, they will gain knowledge about approaches to environmental management, regulation, and support, as well as how to utilize environmental-, social impact-, and risk assessments in their own contexts. Formulating an Action plan addressing a relevant challenge in their home country, is a key outcome for each participant.

Target group: The course is relevant for both practitioners and policy makers, and targets senior officers from national, provincial, and local departments or utilities working with environmental governance and environmental management related issues. Participants are expected to hold at least a BSc and have a strong command of the English language.