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Health Economics and Digital Health


The course is meant to further strengthen the exchange of knowledge between Denmark and partner countries on better use of health data and on how to share data across levels of healthcare, health professionals and patients, as part of the Strategic Sector Cooperation.


The academic and technical approach of the course is a mix between theoretical and evidence-based learning, and “hands-on” knowledge with a focus on providing and sharing in-depth technical knowledge on data and IT-solutions. The participants will work on their own cases during the entire course and train the applicability of the presented theoretical input.

The course will focus on two overall themes:

  1. Health data and economics, including use of data for planning and decision-making: The course will give participants a solid understanding of health economics, including DRG, value-based healthcare, planning, monitoring, quality management and quality development. In this regard, interoperability and classification standardization is key to ensure sufficient structuring of data that will make them usable for planning and development, as well as ensuring cost containment and budget certainty.
  2. Digital health transformation and implementation: The course will provide participants with a basic understanding of advanced digital health issues and efficient promotion of the implementation of digital solutions, including infrastructure, governance, planning and strategy as important components.

Target group: Primarily specialists and technical employees, but also coordinators with professional knowledge who work with the implementation of strategies and policies and who influence policymakers and decisions by high-level civil servants