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Nudging and Behavioural Insights

Place of study: iNudgeyou

Purpose: The course aims to give the participants a scientific foundation for understanding behaviour and to provide the tools for them to effectively change it. Participants are introduced to the most up-to-date knowledge about applied behavioural science, including examples of how nudging and Behavioural Insights (BI) works in real-life settings, which they will apply to their own context.

Content: Through lecturing, discussions, and exercises, participants gain thorough understanding of the theories underpinning nudging and behavioural science. Participants gain knowledge that will help them convert behavioural insights/nudging into behavioural change. To realise this objective, the BASIC framework – a diagnostic approach to the development of effective behaviour interventions – is utilized. BASIC is the foundation for developing an Action Plan, which enables participants to get started with a BI-project in their respective organizations.

Target group: The course targets professionals who want to learn how to work structured with the practical application of behavioral science. Applicants might be a practitioner working to solve sectoral problems related to behavioral change.