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One Health

The overall objective of this course is for the participants to acquire in-depth knowledge about the One Health approach when solving national, regional and global challenges.

‘One Health’ is a methodological approach, which implies interdisciplinary collaboration, joint efforts and communication in all aspects of veterinary and public health aiming to protect humans, animals and the environment.
Special focus will be on health problems associated with the spread of pathogens from animals and humans (zoonoses), including:
• transmission and exposure
• outbreak investigations
• mapping of zoonotic pathogens
• interventions to prevent and control antimicrobial resistance
• climate change and emerging pandemic threats

Target group:
Participants must be related to the Danish Strategic Sector Cooperation (either directly or indirectly) and can include staff working in the public and private sectors. Participants are expected to have a post-graduate education and/or working experience within areas relevant to One Health. Participants must as a minimum have a bachelor degree in a relevant field and must have a good command of English.