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Public-Private Partnership

Purpose: The objective of this course is to improve participants’ understanding of how to identify, implement, and manage successful PPP projects, enable them to define, analyze, and appraise PPP frameworks and projects.

Content: Throughout the course, various training methods are applied including participatory approaches, teacher-centred training, cases, and good practice material and examples. Particular focus is placed on PPP frameworks building, analysis and appraisal of PPP project feasibility, management, procurement processes, funding, and private sector involvement. The preparation and development of a PPP Action Plan relevant for each participant’s own organization or ministry, is a central product of the programme. This will happen in collaboration with course facilitators.

Target group: This course is for professionals involved in the private sector, banking, ministries or other government institutions with potential involvement in PPP projects. Government and banking representatives, business owners, consultants, and entrepreneurs, are equally encouraged to apply.