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Risk Communication

Purpose: The objective of this course is to improve participants capacity to understand, analyse, and communicate risks to different target groups in the private sector, civil society and government institutions, as well as to risk-prone individuals and groups.

Content: The learning approach is based on the dynamics between participants’ practical experience, their organizations’ thematic foci, and applicable theory in the field. Particular focus is placed on risk analysis, risk perception, risk- and stakeholder management, and strategic communication. Developing and implementing an individual Risk Communication Action Plan related to a risk-communication challenge in each participant’s home organization, is a central outcome of the programme.

Target group: This course targets mid-level managers with 5 to 7 years of experience in public institutions, private companies or CSOs, who have experience related to risk communication in e.g., food safety, climate change, and health in governmental institutions, CSOs, or the private sector.