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Wastewater management


By the end of the course, the participants will be able to understand and describe Danish and European wastewater governance and regulation as well as key elements of good governance and apply best practices to own national context.

The participants will learn to explain and apply processes and mathematical models for simulation of removal and recovery processes. Participants will also learn to identify different concepts and technologies for conventional and innovative wastewater treatment and resource recovery, for a holistic management of present and future scenarios


The course focus and structure is reflected in the following themes:

  • Wastewater governance with special focus on stakeholder analysis and engagement.
  • Wastewater treatment, including catchment management, conventional treatment, contaminants of emerging concern, biological hazards and resource recovery. Site visits to wastewater treatment plants.
  • Sludge management, bio-electrochemistry as emerging technology, water reuse and holistic assessment. Site visit to understand resource recovery at the industrial level and interaction with local utilities.
  • Introduction to digitalization. Site visits with major focus on industrial wastewater treatment. Working on personal development plan.

Target group:

Senior Operational officers from regional water utilities or similar. Participants are expected to hold at least a BSc in natural or technical sciences, and to have a strong command of English enabling their active participation in the course. The course content will be composed to be relevant for both practitioners and policy makers