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Wastewater Management

Place of study: Technical University of Denmark

Purpose: This course provides an overview of all existing solutions for water treatment and valorisation, tools for the evaluation of the different solutions for given scenarios, and an understanding of how the different actors interact and support the development of new sustainable solutions.

Content: Through lectures, excursions, hands-on exercises and training, participants will understand the Danish and European wastewater governance and regulation and be enabled to apply stakeholder analysis, develop governance options, as well as use ‘best wastewater governance’ practices in their own national context. Participants will learn about the mathematical models for simulation of removal and recovery processes in a WRRF and how to outline treatment trains and mass flows within a system. Formulating an Action plan addressing a relevant challenge in the home organization, is a key outcome for each participant.

Target group: The course is relevant for practitioners and policy makers, and targets senior operational officers from regional water utilities or similar. Participants are expected to hold at least a BSc and have a strong command of the English language.