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Water Sector Governance and Operations – Leadership course

Place of study: Technical University of Denmark

Purpose: Based on the Danish model, this course aims at providing participants with ways to secure sustainable supplies of water suitable for drinking, agricultural and industrial production, and other purposes, while at the same time ensuring ecosystem-stability and an ability to handle extremes like heavy rainfall events, flooding, and droughts.

Content: The course focuses on various topics structured around excursions, case-based learning, and high levels of participatory learning. The course covers the Danish water governance model and its regulatory framework, the institutional setup of water sector governance and its stakeholders, stakeholder analysis, as well as the fundamental principles of “good water sector governance and operations”. Applying course content to a water governance model for the water sector in participants’ home country, is facilitated through the development and implementation of an Action Plan.

Target group: The course targets executive leadership and management members from relevant national, provincial, and municipal departments, regional water utilities, and catchment management authorities or similar.