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Who can join our courses?

Our learning programmes are only for Danida funded partners and candidates must fulfil all relevant requirements. Please read these carefully before applying.

To be eligible for one of our tailored learning programmes, the candidate must

  • Be a national/local staff member of a partner/affiliated organization under the Strategic Sector Cooperation or a Danida supported programme partner.
  • Be nominated by a Danish Sector Counsellor or endorsed by a Danida funded programme.
  • Be proficient in written and spoken English.
  • Hold a relevant bachelor degree and fulfil any additional academic requirements of the relevant Danish place of study.

Please note that for partners under the Strategic Sector Cooperation, participation in our learning programmes is fully funded through the DFC Scholarship Programme. For partners in Danida funded programmes, a user fee of DKK 7,000 per course week will be charged to the programme.

If the learning porgramme is taking place in a developing country the user fee is DKK 5000 per week.

For more information on the visa process and the stay in Denmark, please see under Fellows.

Tailored learning programmes
We offer highly tailored learning programmes developed in close dialogue with Danish embassies, authorities and educational institutions.

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