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The story outputs of Reporting from the African frontline of the global climate crisis


The outputs by the journalists reporting from the African frontline of the global climate crisis in 2022 far exited expectations. The journalists were supposed to contribute three pieces of media content using the tools of science and constructive journalism that they were exposed to in addition to climate researchers and other experts as prime sources, but instead of 75 pieces of media content they contributed more than 130 published in leading media outleads across the continent. More about Reporting from the African frontline of the global climate crisis.


Output 2

Reuters News Agency

BBC Kiswahili

COP27 : 4 expériences du Burkina vantées à Charm-El Sheikh

Des journalistes africains sur la ligne de front de la lutte contre la crise climatique – Afrique durable (afridurable.net)


Africa at the crossroads

COP 27: Call to action

INTERVIEW: Building climate consensus – COP27 – Al-Ahram Weekly – Ahram Online

Ghana receives climate change grant – Graphic Online

COP 27: Prioritize loss and damage to support women and girls in climate-affected communities – gender activists (gbcghanaonline.com)

COP 27: Funding is critical for Ghana’s Nature-Based Climate Solutions – Lands And Natural Resources Minister (gbcghanaonline.com)

COP 27; Loss and damage dominates discussions at Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF)

COP 27; Ghana to cash in $50 million for carbon emissions reduction

Rich nations on the spot over climate crisis | Nation

Nairobi’s troubled trek to become green | Nation

Africa short-changed in COP27 climate finance talks

COP 27; Race for a carbon free and resilient Africa

9-year-old Karen Wanjiru poses questions to President William Ruto regarding his tree-planting agenda.

Intrigues that make the COP27 negotiations

Adaptation aux effets du changement climatique: le Burkina Faso partage ses expériences à la COP

Viewpoints of Nigerians at Cop27

Viewpoints of Nigerian Cop27 Facebook

Ramaphosa tells leaders developing nations need climate finance, but not debt

Creecy: Jury still out on whether SA’s energy transition will be a great blueprint | Fin24 (news24.com)

COP27: SA asked rich countries for more grants instead of loans for climate plan – Ramaphosa

COP27: SA finally gets R10.7bn loan agreements from France, Germany from initial $8.5bn pledge

Beyond $8.5bn: Rich countries commit more money for SA’s energy transition

Time is running out for rich nations to pay up for the climate crisis

DBSA, European Investment Bank to extend R7.2bn in loans to renewable energy producers

Eskom has R116bn in pledges for its just transition but needs over t_ – www.news24.com.pdf 

COP27 is yet another chance to make up for missed opportunities and broken promises

Equity, representation and financing — let’s lighten the burden carried by African women

Climate change summit: Gimmicks, slogans and pleasant noises amid human rights abuse

Ghana receives climate change grant

Climate activists want finance pledges honoured as COP27 kicks off tomorrow 

COP27: Uganda wants compensation for climate-linked losses 

African countries launch carbon markets initiative at COP27

Activists stage protest at COP27



COP27: Children from Global South make their presence felt at climate summit

At COP27, protesters within U.N. venue demand climate finance

Rechauffement climatique

Caravane africaine pour le climat

COP27 : Les OSC du Burkina donnent de la voix pour réclamer de la justice climatique

Changement climatique : Les OSC du Burkina souhaitent la levée des obstacles au financement

Changement climatique : Les OSC plaident auprès du Chef Konaté et du Cardinal Ouédraogo

COP27 : Forum africain sur les énergies renouvelables

Négociations à la COP27 : Des amazones francophones bien présentes

Accès à la finance climat : La Francophonie renforce son appui aux Etats membres

COP27 : Un fonds de pertes et dommages en guise de consolation

Mixing pleasure and work

After five years of sustained action : Galamsey fight far from over – The situation in Ashanti, Eastern,Western, Western North regions persists

Galamsey: When two elephants fight, the grass suffers

100 World leaders to attend COP27

COP27: Issues of Loss and Damage

Denmark: Where Waste Is A Resource

Danish Man Holds On To Kenyan Love 40 Years Later

Copenhagen: A City On Two Wheels

Moving Around Sharm El Sheikh During COP27

Le changement climatique :La réponse du Niger

Meet the African scientists getting to grips with climate change | Fin24 (news24.com)

Time for bold climate action – Abu Jinapor declares at COP27

Financing climate crisis loss and damages make or break for COP27

Developing countries demand climate justice, funds at COP27

Let’s unite to make COP27 a success – Jinapor

World leaders address water insecurity at COP27

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