Márcio de Paula, course participant in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Value Chains


We became acquainted with the concepts of sustainability and the entrepreneurial culture and we structured an action plan  to resume our push within the Brazilian innovation system, says Márcio Luiz de Paula, about his  experience from Danida Fellowship Centre’s learning programme “Innovation, Entrepreneuship and Value Chains”. 

Translation from Portugese by Lise Le Andersen

My name is Márcio de Paula. I am the founder of the Brazilian Network for Pharmaceutical Innovation, and today I am finishing my 3rd week of study here in Denmark on the course Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Value Chains, sponsored by Danida Fellowship Centre.

It has been an honor to participate in the course. The content has been extremely useful for my work in Brazil and there has been participations of colleagues, besides from Brazil, also from Kenya, from Palestine, from Egypt.

It is a great pleasure to be able to share the learning with these colleagues. Also, the cultural exchange, which is very intense. During the days on the course, in addition to the intense content about Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Value Chains, we have had the opportunity to visit a number of entrepreneurs, innovation hubs and larger companies here in Denmark. We have become acquainted with the entrepreneurial culture here, and sustainability, which is one of this country’s flagships. At the same time we have been able to structure an action plan in relation to resuming our push within the Brazilian innovation system.


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