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Launch of new Master’s programme designed to support Africa’s green transition


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark and the Danida Fellowship Centre are piloting a Master’s scholarship pilot programme. The objective of the programme is to support the green transition in Africa by further strengthening the capacity of institutions working within areas of importance to the green transition and to sustainable production.

The targeted institutions are partners with Danish institutions and they collaborate in Danida-funded Strategic Sector Cooperation (SSC) projects. The targeted individuals are young Africans working in or partnering with these institutions with a wish to further their education in areas of expertise Denmark can offer. The programme that was launched on November 8th will in 2024 be offered to 28 participants. It will be implemented in collaboration with Denmark’s strategic sector cooperation projects with Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, and South Africa.

This programme will strengthen the partnerships between Denmark and African countries and deepen our collaboration on combating the climate crisis, said Dan Jørgensen, Minister of Development Collaboration and Global Climate Policy while launching the new Master’s programme.

Dan Jørgensen also emphasised that establishing equal partnerships with African countries is a top priority for the Danish Government. Read an extract of Dan Jørrgensen’s speech here.

I aim to use my knowledge, new ideas, and ways of thinking to make a meaningful contribution to alleviating the energy and poverty crisis, not only in my home country, South Africa but across Africa and the world, said Deshanya Naidoo, South Africa currently pursuing a master’s degree in Sustainable Energy at DTU. Read Deshanya Naidoo’s speech here.

At Danida Fellowship Centre we hope that the participants in the programme will establish a network of peers and experts while they study in Denmark.  A network they can draw on in their future work lives, said Ulla Næsby Tawiah, Director of Danida Fellowship Centre. Read Ulla Næsby Tawiah’s speech here.






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