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Mombasa Climate Change Dialogue – focus on climate change in Kenya


The Mombasa Climate Change Dialogue: Focus on Islands and Coastal Communities, held on May 12-13, was a significant event organized by the Danida Fellows Network in Kenya. Its purpose was to bring together key stakeholders to address critical climate challenges faced by Kenya’s coastal regions.

The two-day dialogue gathered representatives from various sectors, including government, the private sector, academia and NGOs. Their shared ambition was to foster multi-stakeholder engagement and tackle the pressing coastal climate issues that Kenya faces.

The programme for the event was carefully designed to facilitate knowledge sharing and lively debates among the participants. It featured sessions where local knowledge about the ecosystem and ongoing projects was shared. Speakers from the Kenya Alumni Network contributed their valuable experiences and insights. Additionally, international speakers with relevant expertise joined the discussions, enriching the dialogue with diverse perspectives.

Dr David Obura, the keynote speaker, emphasized the need for a comprehensive approach to dealing with climate change, particularly in coastal areas of Africa. He stressed the importance of placing people and communities from the most climate-affected regions at the forefront of adaptation efforts. Dr Obura, the Founding Director of the East African NGO Cordia, is highly regarded for his work in supporting the sustainability of coral reef and marine systems in the Western Indian Ocean.

“This event reminded us all of the complexity of the climate threat, and we must join together in a collective effort to combat this threat. And while we’re at it, we must put people and nature at the centre of climate action,” said Basil Angaga, Danida alumni, co-founder of Governor’s Young Leaders Programme (GYLP) & convener of Together4Climate Roundtables event.

The event also aimed to promote the establishment of new bilateral partnerships, and to foster collaboration and cooperation. By the end of the two-day event, a significant outcome emerged in the form of the “Mombasa Sustainable City Forum,” a multi-stakeholder platform. This forum is dedicated to addressing the complex inter-sector urban challenges faced by Mombasa, also those that extend beyond its borders. Thematic working groups, comprising representatives from government, civil society and academia, have been formed with the goal of co-producing knowledge and strengthening the capacity of ecosystems.

The event received support from the “Danida Fellows Networkers Grant 2023,” which is dedicated to facilitating green transition efforts.

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