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National Alumni Networks

🇧🇫 BURKINA FASO: Danida Burkina Alumni Network – launched in 2018

Contact national network: Coordinator Mr Alpha Adama Diallo. Email: alpha_diallo90@yahoo.fr

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🇨🇳 CHINA: Denmark-China Alumni Association – launched in 2019

Contact Danish Representation, Innovation Centre Denmark, Shanghai: Mr Erik Wernberg-Tougaard. Email: eriwer@um.dk


🇨🇴 COLOMBIA: Danida Alumni Network Colombia – launched in 2019

Contact national network: Provisional Coordinator Mr Jaime Andres Peña. Email: jaime.andrespa@gmail.com

Facebook Group


🇬🇭 GHANA: Danida Ghana Alumni Network – launched in 2016

Contact national network: Secretary Ms Elikplim Dzikunoo. Email: eadzikunoo@gmail.com

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🇰🇪 KENYA: Danida Kenya Alumni Network – launched in 2018

Contact national network: Coordinator Mr John Flookie Owino. Email: drflookie@gmail.com


🇲🇽 MEXICO: Danida Mexico Alumni Network – launched in 2018

Contact national network: Coordinator Ms Elizabeth Loza. Email: eli_rubio33@hotmail.com or danidaalumnimexico@gmail.com

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🇹🇿 TANZANIA: Danida Tanzania Alumni Network – launched 2018

Contact national network: Coordinator Mr Mponda Malozo. Email: mponda.malozo@gmail.com


🇺🇬 UGANDA: Danida Uganda Alumni Network – launched in 2017

Contact national network: Provisional Coordinator Mr Peter Okwoko. Email: okwokopeter@gmail.com

Facebook group


🇻🇳 VIETNAM: Denmark Vietnam Alumni Network – launched in 2016

Contacts national network: Coordinator, Hanoi, Ms Tran Huong Giang. Email: Giangth86@gmail.com,
Coordinator, Ho Chi Minh City, Ms Ta Thi Thanh Thuy. Email: ta.th.thuy@gmail.com


ARGENTINA: Please contact: nextstepnetworking@dfcentre.dk

EGYPT: Please contact: nextstepnetworking@dfcentre.dk

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New Egyptian Danida Alumni Network to collaborate on the green agenda

More than 100 Danida fellows were present when the Danish embassy in Cairo hosted an engagement day on the importance of capacity building for the green transition, and together with the Danida Fellowship Centre launche... Read more

Launching the Danida Fellows Network – Inspire. Connect. Act.

Danida Fellowship Centre is now launching the Danida Fellows Network – a platform that brings together Danida alumni, Danida supported researchers and the many partners we have worked with within the context of Danish d... Read more

Danida national alumni networks – A growing community of connections

Danida Fellowship Centre will continue to support the national alumni networks as part of the larger Danida Fellows Network. The national Danida alumni networks are golden opportunities for fellows who want to share kno... Read more

The water community – Together for clean water and sanitation for all

If you are a Danida fellow or a partner of Danida Fellowship Centre working in the area of water and sanitation, our new sub-community focusing on water and sanitation will be of particular interest. Read more

Partnerships for change. Better together 

Would your project, business idea or research project benefit from working with others? And are  you struggling to see who are the right partners, how you can engage them and work together? Join the Knowledge in Action ... Read more

The winner of the Danida Alumni Prize 2021 is Dr Olman Segura-Bonilla from Costa Rica

We are delighted to announce that the winner of the Danida Alumni Prize 2021 is Dr Olman Segura-Bonilla, Director General at the International Centre of Economic Policies for Sustainable Development (CINPE), in Costa Ri... Read more

Connected by a passion for reproductive and public health

They are driven and ambitious, they are outstanding academics and they are deeply concerned about public and reproductive health. Despite being more than 10,000 kilometres apart, Professor Tine Gammeltoft and Danida alu... Read more

Danida alumni are powerful ambassadors for the merits of Danish know-how

I always say that Danida alumni are ambassadors for Denmark: They speak extremely well about Denmark because they have had really good experiences in Denmark, says Lars Steen Nielsen, Denmark’s ambassador to Mexico... Read more
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