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National Alumni Networks

🇧🇫 BURKINA FASO: Danida Burkina Alumni Network – launched in 2018

Contact national network: Coordinator Mr Alpha Adama Diallo. Email: alpha_diallo90@yahoo.fr

Facebook page


🇨🇳 CHINA: Denmark-China Alumni Association – launched in 2019

Contact Danish Representation, Innovation Centre Denmark, Shanghai: Mr Erik Wernberg-Tougaard. Email: eriwer@um.dk


🇨🇴 COLOMBIA: Danida Alumni Network Colombia – launched in 2019

Contact national network: Provisional Coordinator Mr Jaime Andres Peña. Email: jaime.andrespa@gmail.com

Facebook Group


🇬🇭 GHANA: Danida Ghana Alumni Network – launched in 2016

Contact national network: Secretary Ms Elikplim Dzikunoo. Email: eadzikunoo@gmail.com

Facebook GroupLinkedin Group

🇰🇪 KENYA: Danida Kenya Alumni Network – launched in 2018

Contact national network: Coordinator Mr John Flookie Owino. Email: drflookie@gmail.com


🇲🇽 MEXICO: Danida Mexico Alumni Network – launched in 2018

Contact national network: Coordinator Ms Elizabeth Loza. Email: eli_rubio33@hotmail.com or danidaalumnimexico@gmail.com

Facebook Group


🇹🇿 TANZANIA: Danida Tanzania Alumni Network – launched 2018

Contact national network: Coordinator Mr Mponda Malozo. Email: mponda.malozo@gmail.com


🇺🇬 UGANDA: Danida Uganda Alumni Network – launched in 2017

Contact national network: Provisional Coordinator Mr Peter Okwoko. Email: okwokopeter@gmail.com

Facebook group


🇻🇳 VIETNAM: Denmark Vietnam Alumni Network – launched in 2016

Contacts national network: Coordinator, Hanoi, Ms Tran Huong Giang. Email: Giangth86@gmail.com,
Coordinator, Ho Chi Minh City, Ms Ta Thi Thanh Thuy. Email: ta.th.thuy@gmail.com


ARGENTINA: Please contact: nextstepnetworking@dfcentre.dk

EGYPT: Please contact: nextstepnetworking@dfcentre.dk

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