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Together we are stronger



Change starts with the individual but requires joint action. The coordinators of the Danida Fellows Network from around the globe met in Tanzania to inspire and learn from each other how to translate knowledge into action.

By Ea Elsbøl, Danida Fellows Network Programme Manager

In January 2023, 26 coordinators of the Danida Fellowship Network gathered in Tanzania for a “Learning and Inspiration” workshop aimed at fostering collaboration and the exchange of ideas among the National Alumni Networks. The networks are comprised of professionals from diverse fields such as medicine, engineering and social entrepreneurship, and they aim to inspire change locally and globally by sharing knowledge. They connect alumni and researchers who have participated in Danida Fellowship Centre’s learning programmes or have been part of a Danida-funded research project.

During the workshop, the participants were provided with tools and methodologies to build and maintain the National Alumni Networks and were encouraged to form new connections and strengthen existing ones. The workshop presented a unique opportunity for the coordinators to collaborate across networks and countries, inspiring them to develop a strong “Community of Practice” for enhancing learning, inspiration and action.

By facilitating exchanges of knowledge in thematic areas such as energy, environment and health, the Danida National Alumni Networks play a crucial role in maintaining and building on the alumni’s lifelong learning journeys. The Networks often collaborate with the Danish Embassies, as well as other partners in the Strategic Sector Programmes,  and together they are instrumental in inspiring change at national, regional and global levels.

Watch the day-2-day videos where the Danida fellows talk about their takeaways from the Learning and Inspiration workshop from 23 to 26 January 2023.


Danida Fellows:

Ea Elsbol, Network Programme Manager, Danida Fellowship Centre
“From all over the world, to cherish our connections”

Fabiola Hernandez, Mexico
“We have the power of people to solve our problems”

Jamie Andres Peña, Colombia
“Here is all about putting knowledge into action”

Gifty Sunkwa-Mills, Ghana
“What I take away is the need for knowledge sharing for a better world”

Laura Padilla, Mexico
“Knowledge is only real when shared”

Antony Ambugo, Kenya
“Discovering our tools to connect”

Hsu Mon, Myanmar
“What can I learn from the other alumni networks?”

Jacob Olonde, Kenya
“Community of practice means cross-pollination of ideas across borders”

Mariano Kristoff, Argentina
“The potential of the alumni networks is thinking in a global perspective”

Clarisse Compaore, Burkina Faso
“The ideas that we have conceived here will strengthen us back to our home country”

Peter Okwoko, Uganda
“Learning the secrets to build and manage strong networks”

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