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New research projects in the emerging economies



On Tuesday 10 April an introduction meeting was held at Danida Fellowship Centre for project coordinators and their admin/accounts staff of the new research collaboration projects linked to the Strategic Sector Cooperation Facility.

These projects, which we also call Window 2 projects are up to three years of duration. They were granted by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2017 and are the first batch of research projects under this modality.

All of the 11 projects were represented at the meeting:

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 10.46.10

The meeting was held to give the new projects a good start concerning requirements to the management of the grants. The meeting also provided an opportunity for the project representatives to meet and link up. In addition, the meeting included strategic considerations concerning the interaction between the research projects and the Strategic Sector Cooperation, to which the research projects are linked.

In 2017, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark mandated Danida Fellowship Centre to offer learning courses and manage research grants linked to the Strategic Sector Cooperation Facility introduced in 2015. The research projects are led and coordinated by research institutions in Denmark in collaboration with research partners in emerging economies. 

At Danida Fellowship Centre we look forward to follow and interact with the 11 new projects during project implementation over the coming years.

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