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Newly launched Danida Fellows Network addresses Buenos Aires’ water challenges


The recently established Danida Fellows Network in Argentina, known as DAN-AR, is working to make Buenos Aires a cleaner and healthier city. The network is committed to addressing the city’s pollution and water-related challenges, and they have concrete plans for achieving these goals.

Around the world, cities are grappling with the effects of climate change in various ways. Buenos Aires is no exception with changes in water patterns causing serious problems. DAN-AR, the newly formed Argentinian branch of the Danida Fellows Network, intends to contribute to tackling these challenges.

Collaboration for water solutions
To kick start the process, the network recently organized a “Water Adaptation Conference” that brought together water management leaders and experts to share knowledge and brainstorm in order to come up with solutions for the city. The conference highlighted the need for collaboration among various government bodies and sectors to resolve water-related issues and enact supportive legislation.

Federico Luciani, a Danida alumni and one of the conference organizers, emphasized how great a challenge it was to bring about nationwide collaboration in support of water regulation,

Making water laws for all of Argentina is a big challenge. Our plan is to do something like Denmark did with the EU. We want to work with different parts of our country to make water laws that help everyone.

Effective collaboration among experts
Recognizing the importance of interdisciplinary cooperation to combat climate change, Buenos Aires and the Municipality of Copenhagen initiated a strategic partnership in 2019. By drawing on Copenhagen’s experience of cross-sector collaboration for effective climate adaptation solutions, Buenos Aires aimed to align its administration and community to address altered water conditions. Professionals from Buenos Aires even journeyed to Denmark to learn about water management and collaboration through the Danida Fellowship Centre’s programme “Increased Performance through Strategic Leadership and Change Management”. This cooperative approach transformed the way they were thinking about water from being a challenge to an opportunity for both nature and people.

Mariano Jordan Kristoff, a participant on the course in Denmark in 2019, highlighted the shift in mindset, saying,

When I was in Copenhagen in January 2020, we made a plan to prioritize water on the government’s list of important issues to be tackled. This way, the government can make rules that help us have a better relationship with water in Buenos Aires.

Consequently, Buenos Aires shifted from viewing water solely as a challenge to initiating projects that encourage public enjoyment, including restoring beach areas.

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Despite there having been some progress, challenges such as flooding persist in Buenos Aires and effective collaboration among experts from diverse fields continues to be extremely important in addressing these issues.

DAN-AR, with its body of former Danida scholarship recipients, consists of  professionals specializing in Buenos Aires’ water management, engineering, and urban planning. This network envisions not only preventing flooding and improving water quality but also beautifying the city by creating recreational areas, enriching the lives of its residents. The collective ambition of DAN-AR members to transform Buenos Aires into a cleaner and more liveable city puts them in a favorable position to promote this crucial work.

Danida Fellowship Centre supported the Water Adaptation Conference

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