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Learning programmes in numbers 2021

Participants in learning programmes
In 2021, there were 696 participants from 35 different countries, primarily Africa and Asia (24 out of 35 countries). The whole portfolio of countries supported include developing and growth/transition countries prioritized by Danida, Denmark’s development cooperation.


Gender diversity in course participants
In 2021, 282 women participated in a Danida Fellowship Centre learning programme, which is equivalent to 40.5 % of all participants. There was a particular focus on actively incorporating gender and diversity into two learning programmes in 2021: “Equal Rights & Opportunities” and “Youth Involvement”, in which the overall learning objective was to promote and encourage (young) women and men’s equal participation, influence, and leadership in their organisations. Further, gender is playing a role in most of our learning programmes as a crosscutting issue in the planning and implementation of projects.

Learning programmes contribution to the sustainable development goals
The output of the 43 learning programmes implemented by Danida Fellowship Centre in 2021 (incl. 8 masters programmes), was diverse in scope and supported the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals; particularly, #4-Quality Education, #16-Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions, and #17-Partnerships for the Goals, as Danida Fellowship Centre sees these goals as essential to capacity building and strenghtening in Danida countries. Danida Fellowship Centre envisions incorporating SDG #5-Gender Equality, as well as sustainability and diversity as central elements of all learning programmes moving forward.