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Research in numbers 2021

Countries covered by ongoing projects
Danida Fellowship Centre supports research project activities in 22 countries, all Danida partner countries with either targeted or expanded development cooperation. Some projects are partnering with two or three countries. The map below shows how may ongoing projects there are in the Danida partner countries. See more about the supported research projects on the Danida Research Portal.



Number of applicants and gender diversity
In 2021, 100 applications were submitted in Window 1, and 44 in Window 2. In December, 11 new Window 1 projects and 13 Window 2 projects were approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Female lead applicants showed a higher success rate (26,3%) than their male peers (16,2%), while making up a smaller proportion of applicants.

Research contribution to the sustainable development goals
The SDG’s form a holistic framework for the research projects funded through Danish development assistance. In 2021, especially goals #9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, #11 Sustainable Cities and Communities, #12 Responsible Consumption and Production and #13 Climate Action were recurrent in the themes of the approved projects, while goals #4 Quality Education, #10 Reduced Inequality and #17 Partnerships to achieve the Goals run throughout Danida Fellowship Centre’s core values. However, all 17 goals are included in the project portfolio in some form or other.