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Participatory learning and networking


All through the process of a learning programme – from design through execution to evaluation – our learning programmes are guided by the expertise of the fellows and the context where new knowledge will be applied.  

An important component of all our learning programmes is to bring our fellows’ expertise up front. We therefore always encourage peer-to-peer and participatory learning. Most often participants bring years of experience and knowledge to the learning programme and bring their immense knowledge into play. We prepare programmes where they can share, learn from each other and grow from where they are. It is often easier to contextualise learning when discussing learning with peers. We acknowledge the value of this form of exchange and encourage peer-to-peer learning throughout our programmes.

We believe that learning is collaborative and grows the more experiences are shared, and by the end of our learning programme, the participants are invited to join our global Danida Fellows Network and the national Danida Fellows networks and to take part in our global thematic events and activities to continue their learning.

While the networks focus on inspiring and facilitating cross-sector, cross-discipline and cross-country collaboration with a learning focus, the global thematic events bring together participants from learning programmess, researchers, and other partners to share ideas, gain inspiration and identify opportunities for further collaboration and learning.

Crucial for the networking modalities is the multi-actor approach for developing sustainable solutions to development challenges and our fundamental belief in life-long learning.

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