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Renewable Energy Integration in Power Systems


As a result of the course, participants will:

  • have knowledge within wind and solar energy technologies, main mechanisms related to the electricity market
  • have skills within calculation and simulation of power flows in the grid under varying RE production, RE modelling in the grid considering grid codes and standards, independent project work on RE in the power system, result presentation, written and orally
  • have built up a mindset on the main principles for RE integration into the power system, variability, uncertainty and balancing of RE generation, possibilities and limitations of RE integration as seen from their home country


In the course the participants will learn about the possibilities and limitations for RE integration in the power system at both transmission and distribution level.

The lectures and exercises will covered renewable energy (RE) technologies, component and grid models, tools, standards and in general the electric challenges in connection with having a considerable share of RE in the grid. Thereafter the participants will learn about energy planning and operation at transmission level, RE forecasting and power markets.

In the last part of the course, main focus will be on the project work, to be conducted under supervision of the teachers as case studies, based on individual interests. Report writing and finally presentation and discussion of the results with supervisors and the whole group concludes the course.

Some visits are planned supporting the technical topics.

  • A visit to the Danish transmission system operator (TSO) Energinet
  • A 3-day visit to DTUs full size laboratories at Risø, where integrated energy systems will be studied at distribution level.
  • A visit to the island of Bornholm will be considered.

Target Group

20-25 participants with a relevant B.Sc. degree and some years working experience