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Research Cooperation

Research-based knowledge is necessary to address existing and emerging development challenges, and support for development research constitutes an important element of Danish development cooperation.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark has supported development research across a range of subjects and through various modalities and channels since the 1960s. Development research still constitutes an important tool for Denmark to deliver first class development assistance and remains essential in the global fight to eradicate poverty and inequality and to promote sustainable development.

In a globalised world, international research cooperation is an important aspect of increased economic, social and political cooperation across national boundaries, and working together brings obvious synergies and gains for researchers both in developing countries and in Denmark. Danish research institutions, the private sector and society at large will continue to benefit from knowledge and experience gained through such cooperation.

Funding for development research is derived from the overall budget frame for Danish development cooperation. This means that there is an obligation to align development research with the overall objectives of the Danish Government’s strategy for development cooperation and humanitarian action, The World 2030, i.e. promotion of human rights, democracy, gender equality,sustainable development, peace and stability. The strategy further states that the goal is to contribute to new solutions with new knowledge and approaches and to increase the countries’ capacities for creating and applying new knowledge. Denmark will also prioritize research cooperation and fellowship programmes in growth and transition countries where Denmark is present and where the countries are facing societal challenges that match Danish strengths, e.g. within climate, water, energy, health and food as well as e.g. democracy and the rule of law.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations in 2015 constitute an overall thematic framework for development cooperation and research.

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