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BSU IV documents and templates

The Building Stronger Universities Phase IV programme (BSU4) represents the Danish support to the development of the institutional research capacity of selected universities in three selected countries. The programme provides DKK 70 million over the period June 2023 – May 2028. BSU4 focuses on East Africa and includes three universities; Gulu University (GU) in Uganda, University of Hargeisa (UoH)  in Somalia, and State University of Zanzibar (SUZA) in Tanzania.

BSU4 will enhance additionality of the support through focus on three smaller and young universities. For GU and SUZA which participated in the previous phases, many activities will be continued to consolidate the achievements made, but some new aspects will also be included. UoH is a new partner.

BSU4 will continue to adopt a South-led partnership, but with even more focus on South-South collaboration. The three universities plan on partnering with each other to a larger extent than in the previous phase and will also partner with other universities in the region, some of which have taken part in previous BSU phases.