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Inclusion and equitable partnerships

It is of growing interest to donors and researchers alike to focus on how to ensure and foster not only equal but also equitable partnerships. DFC wishes to bring together experiences, knowledge and considerations between FFU funded research projects on how to address and overcome structural power imbalances in research partnerships, and support inclusion and legitimacy of the projects and the research produced.

Among initiatives to support this agenda, DFC organized Science Engagement Days in March 2023 under the overarching theme of “Equitable partnerships in development research projects”.

During the Science Engagement Days, parallel discussions led to a number of recommendations for researchers and funders to support equitable research partnerships, which can be read here:

Recommendations from the Science Engagement days March 2023 on Equitable partnerships in development research

Read more about the seminar in this article:

How to deal with the power dimensions in North-South research partnerships

Find a recording from one of the plenary sessions, with presentations from Ass. Prof. Sarah Ssali from Makerere University, and Senior Fellow Charles Hunt from the United Nations University Centre for Policy Research in New York, here: