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Learning programme activities in numbers 2023

Number of countries represented in learning activities

In 2023, there were 844 participants in DFC funded learning programmes. Participants from 29 different countries engaged in Danida Fellowship Centre’s learning programmes and activities. Seventeen African countries were represented, accounting for 54.5% out of 844 participants.

Total participants





The vast majority of the participants, 86%, were partners or key stakeholders in various strategic sector cooperation projects.
Most participants came from Kenya (125), Ghana (86), India (70), Indonesia (65) and South Africa (64). These five countries accounted for 48.6% of the total number of participants. These are all countries with multiple strategic sector cooperation projects.

Three countries had a substantial increase in participants compared to 2022: China from 0 to 55 (no candidates in 2022 due to Covid-19), India from 28 to 55 (increased interest from partners in 2023) and Ethiopia from 2 to 32 (few participants in 2022 due to the political situation in the country).

Learning activities increasingly including sustainability as a key focus area

Danida Fellowship Centre develop learning activities in line with Denmark’s strategy for development cooperation and they are always based on the needs of the strategic sector cooperation and other Danida-funded programmes. In 2022, we experienced an increasing demand for learning activities that integrated sustainability either as the main focus or as a cross-cutting element. This tendency continued in 2023. In 2023, we offered 38 different learning activities of which 23 had a sustainability focus. That is 61% compared to 46% in 2022. A total of 514 people participated in these learning activities.

Sustainability was the overall focus of Danida Fellowship Centre’s learning activities in the field of water, circular economy, urban development and energy. In learning programmes with crosscutting, themes like climate change and the green transition, sustainability was also an overall focus. Sustainability was also integrated in other main subjects such as food safety, health, digitalization and intellectual property rights.

Men and women in the learning activities

A balanced representation of men and women is one of the parameters we use in selecting candidates for our learning activities. The most important parameters are the candidate’s qualifications, motivation, strategic importance and linkages to the Danida-funded project nominating the candidate.

Of the 530 women who applied to participate in a Danida Fellowship Centre learning activity in 2023, 397 (75%) had their applications approved. This was slightly higher than for men, where 73% of the applications were approved.

Since 2021, the percentage of women in our learning activities has increased from year to year: from 40% in 2021, to 44% in 2022 and to 47% in 2023. Nevertheless, the majority of participants in 2023 continued to be men (53%).