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Results-Based Management

The overall learning objectives of this e-learning module on results-based management are:

  • account for the basic elements of and tools used in Results Based Management;
  • facilitate a participatory analysis of the present situation using the tools ‘stakeholder analysis’ and ‘problem analysis’;
  • establish a Theory of Change showing the causal pathway from overall objectives at impact and outcome levels to concrete outputs and activities;
  • identify and test assumptions underlying the Theory of Change and manage the risks associated with a given intervention; and
  • establish a results framework and a monitoring mechanism that can guide this implementation and learning through a continuous focus on results.


For development interventions to be fit for context, engender or contribute to the desired change and reap the full benefits of investments made, development actors must not only be adept at analyzing how change happens and what is required to achieve that change in their particular context. They must also be able to clearly define and continuously measure and learn from the results of their efforts.

This eLearning module provides participants with insights and inspiration to strengthen results and improvements in peoples’ lives. This can be achieved through clearly identifying what is required for this to take place; defining clear results; setting out criteria and indicators for success; and by measuring results integrating the learning obtained into future efforts.

Main elements of the module:

  1. Analyzing the present situation (focus on stakeholders and problems)
  2. Depicting the future, improved situation (formulating objectives and pathways of change)
  3. Making development interventions robust and realistic (assessing underlying assumptions,
    identifying risks and mitigating measures)
  4. Implementing, monitoring and evaluating results (formulating indicators and setting up
    monitoring and evaluation mechanisms)


The e-learning module ‘Results-Based Management’ was developed by COWI on behalf of Danida Fellowship Centre.

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