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Science Engagement Days 2024: A call for more women in research


Women comprise nearly half of the world’s population. Despite this fact, they remain underrepresented in the field of research, constituting less than 30% of researchers globally. This underrepresentation repeats itself in academic leadership. In Africa’s top 97 universities, only 21% have female chancellors, 14% have female vice-chancellors, and 26% have female registrars.

In response to this disparity, we invite women researchers and everyone else interested to join the online Arusha Debate “(More) Women in Research Seminar 2024” on 7 March from 11:15 am to 1:00 pm EAT (9:15 am – 11:00 am CET). The debate will be moderated by Sheila Mwanyigha.

Register here or watch the debate from the following social media platforms: Danida Fellowship Centre´s YouTube and LinkedIn,YouLead´s Facebook

The livestreamed Arusha debate is part of the seminar “(More) Women in Research,” where 60 women researchers from 10 countries across Africa are gathered in person to discuss and promote women in research. The seminar takes place at MS TCDC in Arusha from 5-8 March, 2024. Explore the programme highlights

The “(More) Women in Research Seminar 2024” will feature keynote addresses by Hon. Joyce L. Ndalichako, Minister of State, Prime Minister’s Office, Tanzania, and Dr Beatrice Muganda Inyangala, Principal Secretary, State Department for Higher Education and Research, Ministry of Education, Kenya. Watch online Tuesday 5th 9.30 – 10.30 am EAT / 7.30 – 8.30 CET via Zoom.

Among the topics to explore during the four day seminar are “How to advance in academia as a woman and break the glass ceiling,” “Women taking leadership in funding, networking, mentorship and advocacy,” and “Why gender sensitivity and how to navigate the publishing world.” The seminar will produce a manifesto with key recommendations for paving the way for more women in research.

The underrepresentation of women in research limits the diversity of perspectives applied to solving complex problems. Capturing and promoting more women’s perspectives in research not only enriches the research environment but also enhances the quality of gender-inclusive solutions.

“The world’s immense challenges call for new insights and solutions drawn from various perspectives. Currently, academic research largely mirrors the male perspective. To ensure varied perspectives and research relevant for everybody, we urgently need more women in research,” says Ulla Næsby Tawiah, Director of Danida Fellowship Centre

“I wish to live in a world where the academic community can appreciate the tremendous contribution that women make in research. The world benefits from having more women in research: from the new perspectives that they have to offer to the diversity of ideas,” says Dr Ana Luis Haule, MS TCDC’s Director.

The “(More) Women in Research Seminar 2024” is a component of Danida Fellowship Centre’s Science Engagement  activities, focusing on supporting researchers to transform their knowledge into action and provide inclusive solutions in collaboration with others.

The seminar is a collaboratively developed component of the Together for Impact partnership between DFC and MS TCDC. This partnership aims to develop innovative and effective methodologies for learning.

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