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Sexual and Reproductive Rights

The overall learning objectives of this e-learning module on SRR are:

  • An overall understanding of the HRBA to SRR;
  • increased knowledge and understanding on why SRR is a key element in development policies;
  • an appreciation of relevance of SRR and how to contribute to improving SRR in them participants’ work; and
  • to reflect on how to deal with matters that potentially contradict individual moral codes


SRR are an important element in development assistance, as is the Human Rights Based Approach (HRBA) to development that they are based upon. Working with donor/Danida funded projects and programs thus makes it essential to know about both SRR and HRBA.

Throughout the module, your active participation is required through a number of reflection and research tasks related to SRR issues.  There are no wrong answers, and whatever reflections you might have on a certain topic, they should be accepted and recognized as your views. We acknowledge that we all represent the context and experience of our country and culture, and we believe that we all can learn from taking a step back and reflect on our views and perspectives. This latter point is a clear purpose of this module.

The module is divided into six sessions listed below:

1. Introduction
2. What are Sexual and Reproductive Rights?
3. International SRR
4. National SRR
5. Relations between SRR and development
6. Options for action

Firstly, HRBA and SRR are introduced, incl. what the two concepts constitute. Then the SRR are identified in international and regional conventions and treaties that nation states have committed to ratify in their own national legislation. This will also be looked at in light of investigating the actual commitments made by national governments, and examine the status of SRR in own countries. After that, technical relations between SRR and various areas of society are introduced. Based on this knowledge, some basic options for action to promote SRR are introduced.

The e-learning module ‘Sexual and Reproductive Rights’ (hereafter SRR), developed by the Danish Family Planning Association on behalf of the Danida Fellowship Centre.

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