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Bridging the gap. Science for the public

We offer communication and media training seminars to deepen the impact and uptake of the Danida funded research projects.

Communication of science and research is essential to help the general public and policymakers making informed decisions on issues that face their communities.

However, too much research and and too many scientific results never make it to the public; knowledge is lost in the gap between the researchers and the media and public.

Our ‘Bridging the gap. Science for the public’ seminars bring the media and scientists closer to one another and pave the way for increased research and science reporting.

The seminars are held in Danish and English. They are aimed at researchers, who are taking part in Danida funded research projects.

The seminars are planned and implemented in collaboration with Videnskab.dk.

Want to know more. Contact email vq@dfcentre.dk

See an example of a programme from a Bridging the Gap seminar.

“The “Bridging the Gap: Science for the Public” workshop was very beneficial as it threw more light on the importance of making our research findings accessible to the public.”

Rashida Resario, PhD Lecturer – University of Ghana
Danida funded researcher