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Communications support and Co-creations

Are you a learning course coordinator, or a Danida supported PhD or researcher? Do you want to tell the story about your work and what it means?

We help you tell the story. We offer communications support ranging from creating social media content, articles and short videos to developing communications strategies to reach the right audiences. From idea to final product, we are happy to co-produce communications material or assist you to pitch a story to the media.

We also help you promoting your work by publishing it on our social media platforms, website and in our newsletter. Please always tag Danida Fellowship Centre when you post on social media.

Facebook: @danidafellowshipcentre
LinkedIn: @Danida Fellowship Centre
Twitter: @DFC_Fellowship

You can see some of the stories that we have supported or co-created below.

Contact email:vq@dfcentre.dk


From Nairobi to Net Zero: Africa’s Call for Climate Justice

Africa is not poor: Africa is rich in resources that can be used to mitigate climate change. As part of a Danida Fellowship Centre Learning programme, twenty-four journalists from across Africa reported from the contine... Read more

Video: Engage and make an impact with your research

Researchers can play a key role in transforming their knowledge into action, but finding the right target groups and the best-suited methods and channels to create impact is not always easy. Hear what researchers took h... Read more

Integrated research can help prevent India’s “City of Lakes” from running dry

Udaipur in India is known as the ‘City of Lakes’ but the thousands of people living in the area are threatened by a lack of clean water in the future. A Danida supported research project aims to provide the basis for se... Read more

Bridging the gap between researchers and the public

Too much research and and too many scientific results never make it to the public. Our communication seminars for Danida funded researchers seek to bridge the gap. Read more

Analyzing maritime security in Ghana

The negative impact of maritime insecurities on development, trade and human security are increasingly recognised. What are the effects of current responses to maritime insecurity? How can countries with high levels of ... Read more

Charcoal production and trade in Ghana

To widely publicize the findings of the Danida funded research project Access and exclusion along the charcoal commodity chain in Ghana, the scholars behind the project produced a documentary. The documentary, which lea... Read more

Covid-19 crisis: An opportunity for a new growth path in South Africa

Professor Mike Morris, from the Danida funded TENTRANS research project, uses the the COVID lock-down shock to present research findings from investigations into South Africa’s Renewable Energy Programme (REIPPPP) in th... Read more

The true value of Lake Victoria’s smallest fish

Read the story Meet Lake Victoria’s tiniest fish 2 May 2020 in The East African The Danida supported research project “Innovations and Markets for Lake Victoria Fisheries” is winding up with two completed master’s, ... Read more
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