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Sustainable food systems




To present and discuss ways to reduce food loss and waste in the food value chain. Based on Danish experience the course participants have ideas and inputs to be used in their action plan for their own selected cases. The aim is that these plans are implemented in their own countries, and that specific plans for follow-up and control are presented.


Site visits to food companies and organisations and/or external guest lectures. The aim is to present companies and cases, to discuss, and to exchange experiences.

During the course, the participants will work with a subject, and at the end of the course more detailed analysis, problems and solutions will be presented. Strategic, tactical and operational levels are included. An operational action plan will be presented, with the purpose of implementation at own national level.

Target group:

Stakeholders in the food value chain, academics working with food value chains and systems, food loss and waste, authority staff working on administrative level. Participants must have an academic background of at least a Bachelor level, with a proficient level of spoken and written English.