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Danida Fellowship Centre's Strategy

Danida Fellowship Centre’s vision is to be an active and facilitating broker for the further development of capable organizations for sustainable development and equal opportunities in Denmark’s partner countries.

It is Danida Fellowship Centre’s mission to promote and facilitate capacity development and knowledge exchange between actors in the field of sustainable development and change. Actors may be based in Denmark or in Denmark’s partner countries, and may include universities, public authorities, business, and civil society organizations.

Subsequently Danida Fellowship Centre has resolved that our areas of operation are guided by three strategic objectives:

  1. Research collaboration and learning programmes are relevant for users and prepare them for applying new knowledge and learning in practice,
  2. Support to develop institutional capacity is relevant for the recipient partner institutions, and will help position the institutions to improve their performance, and
  3. Users and providers of knowledge and capacity development support are connected and provided with opportunities to communicate and cooperate.


Danida Fellowship Centre sees these objectives as helpful in ensuring that public, private and civil society organizations in Denmark’s partner countries obtain maximum benefit from our support.

Read the full Danida Fellowship Centre Strategy 2018-2020 which was adopted by the Board of Directors on January 17, 2018.