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Video: The green and blue dream of Buenos Aires becomes reality

Mikkel Hall, Sector Counsellor, Embassy of Denmark in Argentina and Mariano Kristoff, Social Expert, Buenos Aires City on their bikes in Parque Saveedra, Buenos Aires, where it all begun in 2019. Photo: Jakob Brus

The Strategic Sector Cooperation between Copenhagen and Buenos Aires has made it possible for the Argentinians to dream of a more green and blue capital city while also adapting to climate change. We have followed their cooperation closely since 2019 and created three videos documenting Buenos Aires City’s journey towards becoming more green and blue.

As part of Buenos Aires City and Copenhagen’s strategic sector cooperation on urban planning and climate change adaptation, two key employees from the Buenos Aires City authorities were selected in 2019 to participate in Danida Fellowship Centre’s course “Increased Performance through Strategic Leadership and Change Management”. The course provided Mariano Kristoff and Sergio Harbon, the two employees, with practical strategic leadership and change management tools. It enabled them to lead multi-functional teams made up of as diverse stakeholders as pipe layers, plumbers, sewage workers, engineers and urban planners. In addition, the course’s focus on action planning  helped the Argentinian participants to analyse the issues and create plans to deal with the challenges of climate change and prepare long term adaptations measures.

In video #3: “The green and blue dream of Buenos Aires becomes reality” (2021), we learn that Mariano Kristoff and Sergio Herbon from Buenos Aires City are using the skills and knowledge they acquired during the course in 2019. They get through to the highest level of decision makers in the city using their action plan, turning Argentina’s dream of becoming a sustainable green and blue capital into reality:

For further information: Follow Mariano Kristoff and Sergio Harbon on their journey to making Buenos Aires City greener and bluer in the two first videos from 2019 and 2020.

Video #1: “Danish solutions inspire Buenos Aires to fight climate change” (2019). Buenos Aires collaborates with Copenhagen in planning green spaces and climate change adaption solutions in a new Strategic Sector Cooperation. We begin in Buenos Aires where we meet Mikkel Hall, Sector Counsellor at the Embassy of Denmark in Argentina, and Mariano Kristoff and Sergio Herbon from Buenos Aires City.


Video #2: “A Danida Fellowship Centre course helps Buenos Aires develop a climate action plan” (2020). We follow Mariano and Sergio from Argentina during their stay in Denmark. Here they take their first steps in the development of an action plan to make the Argentinian capital greener.

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