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The hidden potential of water data


Water data is a hidden treasure, often overlooked in discussions about access to clean and reliable water. Danida Fellowship Centre’s new learning programme on groundwater governance, management and climate adaptation demonstrates the importance of data in addressing water challenges.

By Elena Adamo

Access to clean and reliable water is not just a necessity, it is a fundamental human right. However, there is an often neglected aspect of water access, and that is the transformative power of water data. In a world where technology and information shape our daily lives, data is king: it drives decisions, fuels innovation, and empowers individuals and communities.

Our new learning programme, “Groundwater Governance, Management, and Climate Adaptation,” presents participants with a global perspective on groundwater challenges and actionable solutions. An understanding of the value of water databases paves the way to one such actionable solution. By unlocking the door to water data, you provide communities with the tools they need to take control of their water resources. This has the potential to lead to better management and enhanced resilience in the face of challenges like climate change.

Over the course of three weeks, participants engaged with individuals, organizations, businesses, and policymakers. Through a combination of classroom lessons, case studies, and field visits, they learnt about best practices in groundwater governance, management, and climate adaptation. As is customary practice in our learning programmes, participants concluded by formulating an action plan to implement relevant best practices within their respective organizations.

Check these videos to get to know more:

Claes Clifford, Programme Leader and NIRAS Consultant

Jesse Kazapoe and Shana Fatina. Watch the Water debate HERE

Chaymae El Hali
Oudi Kgomongwe

Odupoi Kuraru


Philip Pedersen

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