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The water community – Together for clean water and sanitation for all


If you are a Danida fellow or a partner of Danida Fellowship Centre working in the area of water and sanitation, our new sub-community focusing on water and sanitation will be of particular interest.

In this first phase of Danida Fellows Network in 2022, we will start to facilitate the set-up of a community for fellows and partners working on and passionate about sustainable solutions for clean water and sanitation for all.

The community aims to be an innovative and collaborative place to discuss how multi-stakeholder collaboration across sectors, disciplines and borders can help solve today’s water challenges. In the community, fellows and partners can exchange experiences with such collaboration and both share and deepen their knowledge in dialogue with other water professionals. It also provides opportunities to explore how the water community itself can become a collaborative eco-system generating new solutions and partnerships needed at the national, regional and global level.

What form the community will take, how its members will interact, what it chooses to focus on, how many will participate actively in it – that will all be up to the members themselves. Danida Fellowship Centre will facilitate the development of the community in a structured way, bring people together and support community initiatives. Community members will also have access to the many opportunities currently being developed as part of the Next Step Networking facility.

If you are a Danida fellow or Danida Fellowship Centre partner working in the area of water we will, as a first step, reach out to you during the month of September to explore your views, ideas, and suggestions for direction.

Together with the members, we will develop and expand the community gradually in a structured but iterative process. We will start small, build momentum and through dialogue, co-creation and examples of what such collaboration can do, we hope the community will become an agile and lively platform that inspires its members to become an active part of it.

More information please contact us on nextstepnetworking@dfcentre.dk.



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