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This is the People’s Dialogue Festival


Watch the #3rd video about the delegation of 25 Kenyan SDG champions who participated in Danida Fellowship Centre’s learning programme “Strengthening Policy Dialogue to Accelerate the SDGs” and who also took part in Folkemødet, Denmark’s annual People’s Meeting in 2021. One year later, the champions used the knowledge they had gained to create an SDG Village as part of the 2022 People’s Dialogue Festival in Kenya.

It is general election time. Kenya goes to the polls on August 9, but for months now the political debate has been running in top gear. Everywhere, the electorate in Kenya have been on the receiving end of an intense stream of messages as the parties and their candidates have sought to differentiate their positions from one another. Across the entire political spectrum, the tone of voice has been very direct and competitive.

One place, however, has proved to be different: the annual People’s Dialogue Festival in Nairobi. Here the political parties peacefully shared their views and perspectives with one another– and entered into dialogue with their voters. A number of important topics were discussed, one being how to include the youth in decision making processes and finding a way to handle the heavy burden of youth unemployment. Another was how to connect the Sustainable Development Goals, especially climate change, to Kenya’s social economic priorities.

To give these pertinent issues the prominent stage they deserve, the 25 Kenyan SDG champions created the SDG village as part of the People’s Dialogue Festival. They worked together with 2030beyond and were supported by the Danish Embassy in Nairobi.



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