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Tickets and travel cards in the Copenhagen area
You can choose between different types of tickets and travel cards which are all valid for buses, trains and the Metro in the Greater Copenhagen area. Your choice depends on how much and how you wish to travel during your stay. Find more information here.

One Ticket to all
Buses, trains, and Metro are punctual and regular in Copenhagen, which means you will rarely have to wait long if you are travelling reasonably centrally. The transport system is also easy to get to grips with, because buses, trains and the Metro operate a handy common fare system, which allows transferral between the three on the same ticket.

The Zone System
Copenhagen and surrounding areas are divided into 95 zones, which form the basis of the fare system for buses, trains and Metro.
If you are staying centrally, and plan travelling only in and around the city centre, a two-zone ticket will usually be enough.
Have closer look at the metro line here and find example of a Zone Map here

Need more Zones?
A supplementary ticket (DKK 12) can be purchased for each additional zones if your monthly ticket card does not cover (zone 1+ 2). Ticket machines for coins and credit cards are placed on all metro and train stations. In buses you can buy the supplementary ticket with cash.

If your are travelling from DFC, Frederiksberg to ‘Copenhagen Airport’ you need zone no. 1,3, and 4. i.e. you must buy TWO extra supplementary tickets in addition to your bus card.

If your are travelling with the metro to the shopping mall ‘Fields‘ you need zone no. 1 and 3 from DFC, Frederiksberg – i.e. you must buy ONE extra supplementary ticket in addition to your bus card.

Supplementary tickets and normal tickets for 2 and 3 zones are valid for one hour.

Please note that passengers riding on trains, metro trains or buses without valid ticket are liable of paying a penalty fare of DKK 750 (€100)!!!

All normal buses are yellow, or yellow and red (A-buses). Entrance is always in the front, and exit is in the back and in the middle. Bus stops are marked with yellow signs, and you have to push the red stop button when you wish you get off.

 Bus no. 34 runs from the city centre to DFC and stops right in front of DFC at Frederiksberg.

The local trains are called S-trains with 10 lines all passing through the Central Station, which in Danish is referred to as ‘Hovedbanegården’, or ‘København H’. The other main city S-stations are ‘Vesterport’ (West), ‘Nørreport’ (North) and ‘Østerport’ (East).

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