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Welcome to our two new Research Programme Managers, Julie Nynne Bune and Line Richter


Julie Nynne Bune (left) and Line Richter (right) joined the Danida Fellowship Centre as Research Programme Managers on 1 October. Their tasks include providing support to research collaboration projects, the Building Stronger Universities programme and the facilitation of Science Engagement initiatives.

Julie Nynne Bune has a background in research. She recently completed a PhD degree in anthropology at Aarhus University with a focus on refugees, migration, collaborative research and participatory methodologies. Prior to that, she worked in the NGO sector for several years with issues such as children’s rights, violence and displacement, and building strong foundations for evaluation, research networks, and knowledge dissemination. Geographically, Julie’s work has focused on Central Asia, South East Asia as well as Europe.

Line Richter also has a background in research and she has worked on issues such as irregular migration, smuggling and safety at sea. She holds a PhD in anthropology from the University of Copenhagen and has extensive experience in research methodologies, knowledge engagement and funding modalities. Her special interests lie in bridging the gap between research and practice to ensure that research results are transformed into implementable outcomes. Geographically, Line’s work has focused mainly on West and North Africa, but she has also worked with East Africa and Southern Europe.

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