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Welcome to three new staff members – and one known face


We are happy to welcome Simon Skårhøj, Lea Rype Stavre Bohr and Binyam Anley Delale as new members of staff – and Maya Lindberg Brink, one of our longtime colleagues, who is now taking on a new role.

Lea Rype Stavre Bohr and Simon Skårhøj, Capacity Development Advisors
Lea and Simon will both join our capacity development team and work with learning needs identification and the development and assessment of the Danida Fellowship Centre’s learning programmes that supports Denmark’s partners in developing and growth countries

Lea has previously worked with international development for more than 10 years, especially in the field of labour market, organizational development and network and learning across countries and organizations. She has worked mainly with local partners in Southern Africa, Middle East and South East Asia, and has lived and worked in Mozambique and in Cambodia

Simon brings 10 years of capacity development experience from international development. He has worked extensively with individual and organisational learning processes and innovation within digital learning, didactics and social learning. Prior to his new position, Simon established and led a Learning Lab in DanChurchAid and the Fabo Learning Community with a global network of more than 30 NGOs.

Binyam Anley Delale, Cleaning and Service Assistant
Binyan is taking over from Connie as our Cleaning and Service Assistant at the premises at Frederiksberg.

Binyan is bringing to the role twenty years of experience gained in different settings including Copenhagen Municipality, Copenhagen Airport and different agents for freight operations.

Maya Lindberg Brink, Programme Advisor in the Network Team
Maya joins our Alumni Network team as Programme Advisor, where she will take part in reshaping the Network in a direction that better reflects DFC’s new strategy, Knowledge in Action 2021- 25.

Maya brings more than 15 years of experience in strategic program design, networking and M&E, a well as in learning, capacity and institution building. Before joining Danida Fellowship Centre in 2015 as Capacity Development Advisor, Maya has among other things worked with the UN in Afghanistan, New York and Laos and with Oxfam GB in Afghanistan and Ibis in Liberia.

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