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16-17 June. Uganda has the mic in Bornholm

Photo: 2030Beyond.

Last year, 25 Kenyan SDG champions enriched the People’s Meeting (Folkemødet) on Bornholm with global perspectives. This year, 25 Ugandan SDG champions will take the mic!

Some come from the private sector, others from civil society organisations and others again from academia or media. The delegation of 25 Ugandan SDG champions is a multi-disciplinary group, but all passionate about sustainable change. They are in Denmark to participate in Danida Fellowship Centre’s learning programme “Strengthening Policy Dialogue to Accelerate SDG Implementation” and to discover new tools and methods to drive forward the SDG agenda in Uganda.

 and 2030beyond are facilitating the learning programme, during which each participant will draw up an individual action plan; something that is mandatory in all Danida Fellowship Centre’s learning programmes. This action plan is a powerful tool to support positive, practical change and improvements within the participant’s organisations and home country. A special challenge for this group is, however, that they also have to agree on a joint initiative on how to work together towards accelerating SDG implementation in Uganda. All individual action plans will also have to feed into this joint initiative, making policy dialogue not only a topic of the programme, but also an integrated challenge for the group.

The 25 are however by no means sitting on the school bench during the three weeks they are in Denmark. Exposure visits are very much part of the learning programme for example to the Danish Parliament, the Institute of Human Rights and the Danish Federations of Industries. Like the Kenyan delegation last year, the Ugandan delegation will also participate in Folkemødet on Bornholm.

You can meet the Ugandan SDG champions at the People’s Meeting on Bornholm in Denmark in the following panel discussions at Verdensmålenes Plads:

Uganda has the mic! 16 June, 11:00 – 11:45 This panel will discuss the importance of civic space and how this affects sustainable development, peace and prosperity, and how multi-stakeholder collaboration can help foster a more constructive, cross-sectoral dialogue about SDG implementation.

A window to the world. Meet Ugandan SDG champions. 16 June, 14:30 – 16:30. The participants will share how they work with the SDG’s.

A window to the world. Meet Ugandan SDG champions. 17 June, 17:00 – 19:00. The participants will share how they work with the SDG’s.

Revisit the journey of the Kenyan SDG delegation’s visit to Denmark in 2021 and see how they one year later, used the knowledge they had gained to create an SDG Village as part of the 2022 People’s Dialogue Festival in Kenya:

Video 1: Meet the delegation of 25 Kenyan SDG Champions in Bornholm 2021

Video 2:See you at the People’s Dialogue festival March 2022

Video 3: This is the People’s Dialogue Festival

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