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Meet the team

As part of leveraging the network’s diversity and multifaceted potential in pursuit of our purpose, the Danida Alumni Network offers an inclusive platform for engaging actors across sectors. The network’s primary stakeholder groups are:

  • Danida alumni
  • Danish companies and institutions
  • Academia in Denmark

Danida Alumni Network is administered by a dedicated team of the Danida Fellowship Centre.

Ms Lene Christina Mosegaard

Programme Manager Tel: +45 3524 8466 Main responsibilities:
Management and development of the Danida Alumni Network (DAN) as well as management of the Social and Cultural programme, including introduction to fellowship holders and counselling.

Ms Vibeke Quaade

Communication Consultant Tel: +45 3536 1322 Main responsibilities:
Communications Consultant Danida Fellowship Centre and Danida Alumni Network.

Ms Nina Vlemmings

Alumni Programme Officer Tel: +45 3524 8478 Main responsibilities:
Danida Alumni Network (DAN) and Communication. Expansion of DAN and its services and activities for relevant stakeholders. Development and maintenance of DAN website and social media.