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Engage and make research driven impact


How do we help Danida-supported researchers break down the silos between academia, policy and the public and bring evidence-based knowledge into action? Our answer to this question was the development of the framework for Danida’s science engagement in 2022.

Science engagement is about communication, interaction, exchange, and networking. To bring their knowledge into action and escape the silo of academia, researchers must be able to communicate in a manner understandable to the target audience. Reaching the right stakeholders at the right time requires engagement skills and tools. To deepen the impact of research, evidence-based information must be shared with knowledge users beyond academia. It is in the encounter between researchers, policy-makers, and practitioners that innovation can grow and solutions to common development challenges may be found.

The Danida science engagement training consists of two main components. One component focuses on skills and tools, while the other focuses on collaboration and knowledge exchange. We offer online training and seminars to Danida-supported researchers to improve their engagement and communication skills. We help researchers make clear policy recommendations and presentations of technical solutions and to identify stories of change. We offer in-person opportunities and platforms for science engagement and relationship-building within and beyond academia.

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