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Our “Bridging the Gap. Science for the Public” seminar aims to bridge the gaps between researchers and journalists, pave the way for increased research and science reporting and deepen the impact and uptake of Danida funded research projects. Find here press releases and final media content.


Time for climate action

 Climate stories featured in African media are often sourced from international news platforms. Therefore, many climate stories in African media do not fully explore issues and challenges relevant to African audiences. Nor do the international stories make use of African research knowledge a...
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The story outputs of Reporting from the African frontline of the global climate crisis, 2022

The outputs by the journalists reporting from the African frontline of the global climate crisis in 2022 far exited expectations. The journalists were supposed to contribute three pieces of media content using the tools of science and constructive journalism that they were exposed to in additio...
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Time for climate action. The journey of 24 journalists reporting from the African frontline of the global climate crisis

Watch the video about the journalists from across Africa that took part in Danida Fellowship Centre's learning programme Reporting from the African frontline of the global climate crisis.
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African researchers propose climate solutions

It started with speed dating between researchers and journalists and ended in pitches ready to be broadcast on South Africa's 24-hour eNews Channel, eNCA. Before that, four days of science journalism, engagement tactics, networking, and discussions. Senior reporter, Mapi Mhlangu captured it all.
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Green Charcoal. Can research at Gulu University ignite an energy revolution?

In most African societies, the kitchen is a woman’s area. When it comes to health issues. Dr. Agatha Alidri, Coordinator of Building Stronger Universities in Gulu shares her thoughts on how research in green energy can lead to livelihood changes.
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Ensuring a sustainable water supply in the Western Cape

The Western Cape in South Africa went through severe droughts from 2015 to 2018, making international headlines. Dams reached their lowest levels in history, and everyone scrambled for alternative sources of water supply. A Danida supported research project aims to avoid a new Day Zero scenario.
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Living close by parks and greenhouses improve your health and quality of life

Our cities keep expanding every day with buildings springing up and green areas reducing. Yet, new research from Tshwane suggests that policies and city officials are not paying attention to the potential benefits of local people using green areas in the city.
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Diamonds on the soles of their feet

After the "Bridging the Gap" seminar, Associate Professor Jacqueline Goldin approached the South African media “News 24” with a story based on the press release she had worked on during the course, and in 2021, “News 24” published the story.
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Integrated research can help prevent India’s “City of Lakes” from running dry

Udaipur in India is known as the ‘City of Lakes’ but the thousands of people living in the area are threatened by a lack of clean water in the future. A Danida supported research project aims to provide the basis for securing the availability of quality water in Udaipur for the coming decades. ...
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Citizen scientists: Perhaps without a degree, but certainly making a difference

Anyone can be a citizen scientist and assist in capturing data that will help with research. Jacqueline Goldin writes about the Danida supported research project Enhancing Sustainable Groundwater Use in South Africa where farmers are helping to collect data.
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Danida Fellowship Centre helps researchers to break down the silos between academia, policy, and the public and bring evidence-based knowledge into action through thematic engagements that always bring together participants across sectors and disciplines. Find here some articles and other media content about our thematic engagements.

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