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Fellowship programme

Fellowship Form (in English) FOR TRAINING IN DENMARK, IN THE REGION OR NATIONALLY to be filled in and endorsed by the Danida programme/project and possibly an Embassy Desk Officer.
Please note: the application form can be filled in electronically and saved as a pdf-file.

Fellowship Form (French) for courses conducted in French only

For fellows staying in Denmark for more than 90 days the APPLICATION FORM FOR RESIDENCE PERMIT can be found at the web site of the Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment here. The form is to be filled in by Danida Fellowship Centre at first and then later by the fellow. The form should be handed in at the relevant Embassy/VFS with full passport copy and a copy of marriage certificate (if applicable). Please note that DFC will prepay the fee to the Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment

Request for Tailor Made Course to be filled in by the Danida programme/project and forwarded to Danida Fellowship Centre.

Registration FOR POTENTIAL STUDY PLACES (in Danish) to be filled in by study places who want to be included in Danida Fellowship Centre’s database of study places in Denmark. The database’s purpose is twofold. It is used to record the general competencies of the study places as well as to register which courses the study places wish to tender for.

Research activities

For forms related to calls for development research project applications and on-going development research activities please go to Research.